Field of activity

The REDOX enterprise has strong experience and well educated engineering and technical staff holding all the formal qualifications required for managing and supervising construction works.
We deal with all investment aspects and offer our services at any stage of realizing of an investment.
We offer the following services for Developers:

  • all-embracing implementation of investment processes
  • direct performance of construction and assembly works
  • technical advice at every stage of the project relization
  • investor and performance supervision
  • managing the investment as the General Contractor
  • managing the investment as an Subsidiary Developer


Cooperation with our company ensures the following advantages:

  • professional managing of the investment within the deadlines
  • shortening the duration of the investment
  • foreseeability and costs optimization
  • possibility to choose alternative solutions in order to minimalize costs
  • safety and certainty of the set aims
  • ongoing information on the work progress
  • immediate response to the occuring problems
  • performance of the highest quality
  • adoption of the newest technological and engineering solutions
  • competent representation of the Developer
  • certainty that the investment is managed in the right way.



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